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Coal Mine Park Barsinghausen, in the frame of IntraRegionale Hannover
Hannover 2016

2 Objects, length 180cm x 150cm each, Particle board, covered with red gravel

The work GROUND SAMPLE is set up in the former coal mining area “ Zechenpark Barsinghausen “ near Hannover. About 15 years ago the coal mine has been closed and been transformed into a recreation park for local people. An artificial hill - the so called “ halde cone “ - is the last land mark that shows the history of the park. The cone hill is industrially made from red gravel which is a poisened by-product from coal mining. On the red steps up to the hill the red gravel is still visible. Until the 60ies this material was used to cover tennis courts.
Nowadays in the community of Barsinghausen a big discussion is going on about whether it is healthy to use this area as a recreation park. Samples of the ground are being examined to prove this fact. The discussion process is still open.
The installation GROUND SAMPLE consists of a cone-shaped object that is lying on the foot of the cone hill. The object looks like a huge soil sample that has been extracted from the ground. Its top is covered with grass. Next to the cone is a hole in the ground of exactly the same dimensions in the shape of a funnel. The object and its negative form are covered with the same typical red gravel. It is an aesthetical examination of the ground that remains metaphorical and mysterious. Can we rely on the ground we walk on?

The installation was realized as one of ten other art works during the IntraRegionale, a public art exhibition in the Hannover area.

Festival IntraRegionale Hannover 2016 and Art society of Barsinghausen

Photo 6 + 8: Dorothea Wenzel