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 Football Drawings

The Football Drawings show the ball movements during a soccer game as viewed from above.

The first Football Drawings were produced in 1982. Since 1984 they were shown in several exhibitions concerning Art and Football / Art and Soccer.

Each work is an individual "portrait" of a specific game: for instance the final match of the FIFA Worldcup 1986 Argentina versus Germany. Like a seismographical sketch, the ball movements are drawn simultaneously to the action on the field: individual movements, corners and goals can be recognized as well as the strategy and the relation of strength between the competing teams.

At the same time these graphic series are a work of abstract art. Each one displays an aesthetic network of lines, the density of which increases with the energy of the game. This happens in a strict concept of time (90 minutes) and form (football field).

".. As correctly noticed by Andreas Rossmann of the FAZ, Susken Rosenthal as the only woman in the exhibition dares to move out the furthest into the field of abstraction..."
(Barbara Foerster about the exhibition "FootballArt - ArtFootball", Olympia Museum Cologne, art magazin Kunstforum International, 2000

Register of Football Drawings

1982   "Welle auf Welle", "Ohne Wenn und Aber" (2 drawings 86 x 124 cm)
1984   EM 84, European Championship France 1984
(complete series of all games, 17 pencil drawings, 44 x 62 cm)
1986/87   Argentina -Germany, final game, Football Worldcup 1986
(diptychon each 180 x 90 cm, engraving on tarpaper and particle board)
2004   EURO 2004, European Championship in Portugal
(31 pencil drawings, 44 x 62 cm)
2006   Football Worldcup 2006 in Germany, Project 5760 Minutes
(70 pencil drawings, 44 x 62 cm)