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Landscape plateau, Grabenstetten, 2017

54 sheets of particle board each 250cm x 170cm on frames, supported by 150 posts, acrylic paint
Expansion: about 300m2

The landscape plateau of the Schwaebische Alb in South Germany geologically consists of limestone. The landscape in this region is perforated by a number of round recesses. These typical holes in the fields were created by limestone caves that collapsed through water erosion.
The installation COLLAPSE is situated inside one of these recesses. From the distance it is hardly visible as it is just leveling the surface. As you approach the site it arises unexpectedly from the ground.
The art work simulates the collapse of the cave. What we see is the moment of collapse that has already taken place. It is a chaotic scene composed of top- and bottomside-up panels that protrude from the trough. They face each other at varying angles showing different shades and color nuances that change with the daylight.
The former cave´s “ roof “ is symbolized by rectangular panels. Their function is to close the cave´s opening being supported by posts holding the roof at a horizontal level compensating the difference in height from the bottom. A large number of panels seem to have fallen down from their posts. The top sides of the panels are painted with green color like the fields, the bottom sides with a dark shining magenta. From the distance the magenta panels looks also like a sunken village, maybe a celtic settlement?

Inter!m Art Festival Region Heidengraben 2017
interim-kulturhandlungen e.V. Schwaebische Alb
South Germany