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 Project Village Resort Brandenburg ?

a project by Kunstpflug e.V. in the city of Beelitz

House Nr.9, Beelitz, 2008

The house is located between two newly renovated houses and therefore its desolate state even becomes more obvious. The roof is partly broken and inside walls and ceilings start falling down. An ornament on the fassade reminds of better times.
In my work the ornament is growing wildly like a plant around and inside the building. It is celebrating its own anarchic aesthetics beyond restrictions of city planing.

The installation took place in the context of the project Village Resort Brandenburg? with sitespecific installations in the city of Beelitz in Land Brandenburg.
The artistic concepts deal with the phenomenom of shrinking cities in former East Germany, with questions about function and aesthetics of historical reconstruction of the city center in the context of changing demografic structures and daily life. For more informations visit this homepage:KUNSTPFLUG e.V.