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IRRLÄUFER (wandering around)

Project ERRATIKER, Baitz, 2015

Plywood, wheels, photos, blue paint, 180x 180 x 180cm

Irrläufer is a moving installation on wheels. It visualizes a crinkled space that deals with the theme of a mirage.

Its original shape has been generated from a cube. The numerous panels of the crystalline sculpture are covered with photos of a stereotype DDR-housing complex from the seventies, some of them painted with skyblue color. Apparently they are creating the illusion of a reflexion.

On its wheels the Irrläufer is being pulled on a rope along the end moraines of the Baruth glacier valley. Placed in this landscape among the erratic granit rocks that were driven by the glaciers from Scandinavia during the ice age the art work appears like an erratic block itself that does not belong there. It becomes a mirage because nowhere a trace of a housing complex can be seen. The real housing complex "Klinkengrund" is located in the nearby district town of Bad Belzig, 5km away.

In the frame of the project ERRATIKER the Irrläufer is emigrating from its original surrounding in Bad Belzig to the Baruth glacier valley near Baitz. There it finds its destination inside the black and abstract inner space of a metal container.

The Scandinavian-German art project ERRATIKER has been realized by Kunstpflug e.V. directed by Otmar Sattel and Susken Rosenthal.
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