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UUSI NAAPURI (New Neighbour)

Mynämäki/Finland 2013

Mirror foil, lawnmower robot, car with black windows, time switch, turf grass

The location is a typical finnish development area consisting of stereotype wood houses in the little town Mynämäki in West Finland. It is the sale of the finnish dream of a country home.

On one of the houses the windows were covered with mirror foil. In front of the house is there is a car parked with black windows. On the lawn there is a grass cutting robot working by itself on the turf. No sign of human presence.
It is not possible to look through the windows. It is not clear whether there is someone inside who can see what is happening outside.

The work is about social behaviour, private freedom, anonymity and control. It is about the difficulty to show our private life to the public and the paranoia that we have towards unknown people.

The work was realized in the frame of the international art project "On the thresholds of privacy" by MUU, Helsinki and Kunstpflug Baitz.