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Finnish Dream

a public art work on a balcony , Vaasa, Finland, 2012

A foam or cloud of bubbles made out of wire grid is emerging out of a private balcony of one of the typical apartment buildings that characterize many cities in Finland.
The work is referring to the conditio humana. It is visualizing the ideas, hopes and illusions that every individual person has about his or her life.
The ephemeral and randomlike foam-structure is contrasting to the repetitive pattern of the other balconies with their sliding windows that are hiding the individual life behind.
The title of the work relates also to the Finnish dream in modern life style and to the building boom of the 70ies during which many of the beautiful traditional Finnish wooden houses were replaced by faceless apartment blocks that destroyed the identity of the city centers.

The installation can be seen from 7th to 30th June 2012.
Adress: Koulukatu 62, Vaasa

The work was realized during an artist residency of PLATFORM/Vaasa. www.platform.fi

Many thanks to to Panu Sivonen and Maria Nordb├Ąck.