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Nature Park Hoher Fl ä ming, 2007

construction wood from pine trees, side length 4,50m

The wooded areas in the south of Berlin are mainly cultivated by mono cultures of pine trees. A big part of the pine trees is used to produce construction wood for the building industry. As a result there is less natural diversity in the country side than in the cities.
The installation AMONG PINE WOODS consists of two cubes about the size of small houses that are placed between a group of pine trees. They are made from construction wood out of pine wood, the same wood as the surounding trees. The surrounding trees are growing from inside and outside of the construction. Is it “ sinking “ or “ raising “? Who was here first?
The work is a “ amento “ of the pine trees. The trees and beams are talking to one another as in a fairy tale. The trees and the construction beams talk about their destination, about transformation and about the endless cycle of life and death. “ Sum quod eris “ (“ I am what you will be “).
AMONG PINE WOODS won the first prize in the international competition Kunstwanderweg Hoher Fl ä ming. The work is a permanent installation along the International Art Route between Bad Belzig und Wiesenburg in the region of Hoher Fl ä ming.

International Art Hiking Route, Nature Park Hoher Fl ä ming e.V.
State of Brandenburg, Germany, 2007

Sponsor: AQUA Holzbau GmbH und Co. KG, Wiesenburg

Further Informationen about the project under "Naturpark Hoher Flaeming"