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SHAKING SPACE - Stability is an Illusion.

project space MAG3, Vienna, 2020

Material: 300m construction wood, black and white paint
Dimension: 9m x 4,70m x 4,70m

SHAKING SPACE is a statement about uncertainty. The project space MAG3 is 9 m long, 4,70 m wide and 4,70 m high, a volume of two cubes.The built in installation takes over the whole inner space. The edges of the space are outlined with a construction of black and white wooden bars. The setting seems fragile as about to collapse.
Like in a rough sketch the outlines of the cuboid are vaguely described with several strikes never exactly defining the space. The repetition of lines give the impression of vibration. The simultaneity of different phases of a movement leeds seemingly to a tuilting of the construction.
The installation remains between dynamics and statics. The tight relationship between installation and real space leads to a disturbing feeling: is the construction (still) maintaining the space or is the surrounding (already) trembling?
Thanks to Gue Schmidt.

Photos 1-4: Gue Schmidt